Carlos Tevez has today claimed that Manchester United are the best in the World at the moment, thanks to the strength in depth on offer to Sir Alex Ferguson.

Whilst it would be hard to argue with Barcelona being the best side at present, it is reassuring to hear Tevez speak positively about the size of squad which keeps him out of the starting XI at times.

Tevez announced this week that the contract issue should be resolved at the end of the season, something most reds would be happy to see happen.

“We have the best team in the world at the moment,” Tevez said. “One of the reasons for that is the range of options available to the manager. We have players who can come in at any moment and make a difference. That’s the reason we’re still fighting on all four fronts.“

Tevez also had time to offer praise to our record-breaking defence, although acknowledges it’s a team effort that ensures we don’t concede.

“At the moment our defence is amazing,” he added. “It’s the safest defence in the world but it’s down to everyone in the team. If you look at the midfielders or the forwards, we all battle to win the ball back. It’s a joint effort.”