“Fergie! Sign him up! Fergie, Fergie, sign him up!” is the weekly chant from Manchester United fans this season. With Carlos Tevez’s long term deal yet to appear, the United faithful are urging the manager to set the wheels in motion.

The chant usually comes about when Tevez has worked his arse off, chasing the ball all over the pitch to win it back. It is so rare to see an attacking player so eager to work for the team and United fans are impressed by Tevez’s work rate, even if his scoring record isn’t anything to write home about.

The club have repeatedly stated they plan the sort out his long term deal in the summer, when his loan deal runs out, and the manager has recently said he will do anything he can to keep him.

This isn’t enough for Tevez though.

He has started our biggest games this season, the League Cup final and the European Cup semi-final against Arsenal. He was presented with a great opportunity against Arsenal to score, but struck it straight at the keeper. That was his only chance of the game yet he still shuck his head when he was subbed off. Given that our defence, Rooney and Ronaldo are the only players guaranteed 90 minutes for us, it was an extremely arrogant response.

Whilst I love the effort Tevez puts in, I do not love his decision to keep speaking to the press. It’s so low class. But he’s done it again.

“I am very sad about this but I guess what I’m saying is goodbye,” said Tevez. “I don’t think I will be a Manchester United player next season. I have done everything I possibly can but they have never made me an offer so I have to leave. I think I will be at another club next season. I want to play in England because it is the best league in the world and it suits my style.”

So where is he planning on going? Who can afford him? Chelsea? Liverpool? We loved Gabriel Heinze and he fucked us over. It’s starting to look like Carlitos is prepared to do the same! Sort it out, fella.