United announced an impressive pre-tax profit of £59.6 million just a few weeks ago, obviously aided by our Premiership and Champions League wins of last season. In contrast, Chelsea have just announced losses of a massive £65.7 million.

Under the experienced guidance of Peter “United4ever” Kenyon, who embarrassingly lead the Chelsea team up to collect their losers medals in Moscow (firstly, when the fuck has a chief exec taken a team up to pick up medals after a cup final? Secondly, the difference between the two clubs couldn’t have been shown clearer when World and European Cup winner, Sir Bobby Charlton, lead our lads up, but unlike Kenyon, refused to take a medal as he hadn’t played a part in the evening’s success), Chelsea have lost an incredible £30.6 million paying off three managers in the past two years.

It makes you wonder what the fuck Kenyon was thinking when organising the contracts of Mourinho, Grant and Scolari. It certainly wasn’t a case of once bitten twice shy, or twice bitten thrice shy, with £7.5 million being paid to Scolari after he was sacked just eight months in to the job.

If just Kenyon in general didn’t give you enough to laugh at, listen to this…