Manchester United fans were delighted when it was announced that their team had been drawn against hated rivals Liverpool in the FA Cup 3rd round. It’s there kind of draws every football fan relishes. Being your rivals in the league is always a great feeling and for United, can prove decisive when winning titles, but the buzz of knocking them out of the Cup is pretty special.

Liverpool fans were less impressed though, with their internet message boards quickly being filled with doom and gloom. Minutes earlier, they had just lost their 6th league game of the season, and whilst the thought of playing their rivals should have been enough to lift their spirit, it’s same ol’ Pity City for the scousers.

Even Roy Hodgson, who has yet to win over the Kop, was ready to admit defeat. Rather than being excited over the prospect of playing United in the Cup, he claimed that he was ‘sad’ to have drawn us.

“It will be an excellent game of football but it’s a bit unfortunate that two Premier League teams of the quality of Manchester United and Liverpool get drawn together in the third round,” he said. “I always feel that’s a bit sad. It’ll be a cracking game of football. No doubt we’ll find ourselves on TV again. We seem to be on TV every week, so I better get my make-up ready.”