Manchester United had notable stars such as Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo. However, alongside these well-known players, there were several underrated individuals who played crucial roles in the club’s successes during the Premier League era.

Below, we’ll explore the stories of some of these unsung United players, each of whom made a significant contribution to the club’s football history.


Known simply as Rafael, Rafael da Silva endeared himself to Manchester United fans for his amiable personality and his pivotal role as a tough-tackling, overlapping defender. The zenith of his United career came during the triumphant 2012-13 Premiership title campaign, one in which fans who placed wagers would have had an extremely exciting season.

Rafael possessed a unique blend of defensive solidity and offensive flair, making him an indispensable component of the team’s success that season. His unwavering defensive efforts and the ability to contribute to attacks were integral to United securing the title.

Jonny Evans

In an era where the formidable defensive partnership of Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic took centre stage, Jonny Evans found himself vying for recognition among central defenders. Even in the face of difficulties, Evans, who accumulated almost 200 appearances for the club, consistently demonstrated his skill every time he was given the opportunity.

His game was marked by physicality, composure on the ball, and a deep understanding of defensive tactics. While his contributions were vital to the team’s success, some fans lamented his departure to West Bromwich Albion in 2015, believing it curtailed his potential as a United icon. Perhaps, had he remained and accumulated more silverware with the club, his legacy might have received the recognition it truly deserved.


Nani’s stint at Manchester United was characterized by moments of sheer brilliance interspersed with spells of inconsistency, a trait that drew occasional criticism. His penchant for attempting flashy tricks sometimes overshadowed his ability to deliver the final product. Notably, he operated as a Portuguese winger in the same era as the legendary yet sometimes controversial Cristiano Ronaldo, a factor that could have cast a shadow over his individual accomplishments.

However, when assessed by himself, Nani displayed significant talent and skill. He had the capacity to take on defenders, deliver pinpoint crosses and score crucial goals. Moments of individual brilliance really showcased his capabilities as a footballer. While he may have lived in Ronaldo’s shadow, Nani’s contributions on the field were undeniably commendable.

Javier Hernandez

Javier Hernandez, affectionately known as ‘Chicharito’, served as a poacher during an era when strikers were expected to be prolific goal-scorers while also contributing to assists—a standard often exemplified by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Despite the changing demands of the forward role, Hernandez’s performances at Old Trafford endeared him to Manchester United fans. His presence on the field struck fear into Premier League defences, thanks to his remarkable goal-scoring ability and overall impact on matches.

Danny Welbeck

Danny Welbeck might not be listed among the most prolific goal-scorers in Manchester United’s history, and his most impressive goal-scoring season in 2011-12 was somewhat overshadowed by the disappointment of losing the title. Nevertheless, the striker consistently demonstrated unwavering commitment to the team’s cause.

Welbeck played an essential role in the team’s attack, initially forming an effective partnership with Wayne Rooney during Rooney’s peak form, and later adapting his style to become a quick, high-pressing winger to complement the individual brilliance of Robin van Persie. His adaptability and relentless work ethic made him a valuable asset to the squad.

Park Ji-sung

Park Ji-sung could definitely be considered one of the most underappreciated players in Manchester United’s illustrious history. He dedicated seven years to the club, gaining the respect and admiration of fellow players, supporters, and even the iconic Sir Alex Ferguson. Versatility and an unselfish work ethic were the hallmarks of his playing style.

Park often undertook the unenviable tasks of man marking the opposition’s star player or filling in for injured teammates in various positions. Remarkably, he consistently rose to the occasion, delivering admirable performances. His versatility and steadfast dedication rendered him an essential selection in the starting lineup.

In the prime years of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo garnered the most spotlight, yet it’s crucial to recognize the substantial contributions of these frequently underestimated players mentioned above. Despite not receiving as much acclaim, they left enduring marks on the club’s legacy and fulfilled pivotal roles in its numerous triumphs.

These often-overlooked heroes, each in their unique way, embodied the essence of Manchester United and played a substantial role in its lasting accomplishments on the footballing scene.