1. We won despite having a dreadful first half and a passable second half.
2. Wayne Rooney has scored four goals in four games. Cristiano who?
3. Darren Fletcher is a machine and yet again proved himself in a big game.
4. An Arsenal player scored our winning goal. Hilarious.
5. Wenger got sent to the stands continuing a day of indiscipline for Arsenal after over half their players were booked.
6. The United fans behind Wenger having a whale of a time whilst the Arsenal manager did his best chewing on a wasp impression.
7. Arsenals away support showed themselves up. Again. Singing “1-0 to the Arsenal” a few times does not count as a good away following. Must do better.
8. We thought we had lost our win deep in to the ridiculously awarded five minutes of injury time. Then we saw the offside flag. Magic.
9. A fuming Arsenal fan on the radio on the way home argued there was nothing different between Eduardo’s dive and Rooney’s penalty, to which Alan YSB Green responded “Apart from the fact Eduardo dived and Rooney was fouled.” Almunia obviously agreed, not uttering a word in protest – I think he knows best.
10. Arsenal fans have been coming on here for days claiming that Eboue has changed his ways and doesn’t dive anymore (unlike Eduardo). Today he got booked for diving. Brilliant.
11. It was so much fun singing “this is how it feels to be City” to a club that haven’t won anything since 2005. This is how it feels when you’re team wins nothing at all.
12. We’ve helped shut up the media who have been wanking over the ‘beautiful’ Arsenal for beating shit teams and who have been claiming we’ll struggle without Ronaldo.