Three years ago, Aaron Ramsey turned down the opportunity to play for Manchester United so that he could sign for Arsenal. With United’s young team earning lots of praise this season whilst Arsenal don’t have an awful lot to be happy about, let’s look in detail at how Ramsey’s career has gone since turning us down.

May 11th 2008: Manchester United win the Premier League

May 21st 2008: Manchster United win the Champions League

June 3rd 2008: United and Arsenal agree a fee with Cardiff for Aaron Ramsey

June 5th 2008: “United are the major force in European football, if not the best club in the world, and with the squad of players they have that domination is set to continue for some time to come,” said Cardiff boss, Dave Jones. “I believe Aaron can go there and play a valuable part in that in the future.”

June 10th 2008: Ramsey chooses to sign for Arsenal

June 11th 2008: “It is an honour to be wanted by massive clubs like Arsenal, Manchester United and Everton,” Ramsey said. “In the end I had to make the decision I felt was right for my future.”

July 7th 2008: “I supported Manchester United as a youngster but once I had spoken to Arsene, the way he described the Arsenal set-up and their plans for the future impressed me,” said Ramsey. “I just had a gut instinct that the right move for me would be joining Arsenal. It was my decision. I thought about where the best place would be for me to develop as a player — and that was Arsenal. I don’t think too many people wouldn’t look forward to coming under the guidance of Arsene Wenger and playing next to someone like Cesc Fabregas. Arsene is a great manager and Cesc can make something happen out of nothing on the pitch.”

March 1st 2009: United beat Spurs to win the League Cup.

May 16th 2009: United draw 0-0 with Arsenal on the penultimate game of the season to win a record equalling 18th title.

December 6th 2009: “The way Arsene manages young players is the best around. His man-management is excellent,” said Ramsey. “Arsene is really intelligent and knows what he is doing. Just look at the number of players who have come through the ranks here. He’s doing something right.”

December 10th 2009: “It was the right move for me to join Arsenal – and opportunities like this are good for me and for the young players.”

January 20th 2010: “I felt more wanted here at Arsenal,” Ramsey said. “By that I mean they did more things to try to get me. I think that the boss here has brought through a lot more youngsters and given them opportunities on a more regular basis. And that is what he believes in, picking out talented young players and turning them into great players so hopefully I can be in that category.”

February 27th 2010: Ramsey breaks his leg.

February 28th 2010: United beat Villa to win the League Cup.

January 12th 2011: “The Carling Cup has been good to me,” said Ramsey. “I’ve never been to the final, though. I would love to do it this season and bring home the trophy. When you play for Arsenal, you want to win everything you can.”

January 21st 2011: Ramsey is loaned out to Cardiff.

February 27th 2011: Arsenal lose to Birmingham, who were relegated months later, in the League Cup final.

May 14th 2011: United beat Blackburn 1-0 to win a record breaking 19th title.

August 10th 2011: “There’s no question about the ability we’ve got,” said Ramsey. “We’ll still be a force. I think we will be there or thereabouts at the end of the season. To be honest, we’d like to win everything.”

August 28th 2011: A Manchester United team with a younger average age beat Arsenal 8-2.