My write up on Liverpool’s lucky result on Saturday, in reference to our “luckiest team in the Premiership” title, caused quite a stink with the dippers. If the comments I deleted are anything to go by, to hate Liverpool and show amazement at a referee who so blatantly threw a match, means I’m secretly frightened/jealous of Liverpool. It also means I’m a “Munich bastard”, my nan got killed by Shipman, and I’m a glory supporting arm chair fan. Aww, who knew, eh?

So if that’s the reaction I got for commenting on their derby day, I can only imagine what showing this video on Gerrard, the biggest hyocrite in English football, will make me. I sit back and wait for the comments on Ronaldo, and my secret desires for Gerrard to sign for us. Hey, if it means them burning their Gerrard shirts again, I’m all for it 😉

Kick back and relax, here it is, The Biggest Hypocrite in English Football.