Manchester United fans were left to feel aggrieved that the Glazers were insisting on charging our fans normal price for our FA Cup 5th Round game against non-league Crawley Town. My seats cost £41.

Our neighbours took on League One Notts County today in the FA Cup 4th Round replay and like the last round, charged just £15 for adults, £5 for children. These kind of ticket prices are the envy of any red but like the Glazers would tell you, it’s all about supply and demand. Against Leicester, just 27,755 fans showed up, 6,000 of them supporting the away team.

Despite the ridiculously high prices at Old Trafford yesterday, 74,778 attended the game. Despite the ridiculously cheap prices at Wastelands today, just 27,276 fans showed up, 6,000 of them supporting the away team. That means there were just 21,276 City fans in the ground and 20,550 empty seats.

For the price I paid for Crawley yesterday, a family of four could have attended Wastelands today with £1 to spend on the blue ketchup. It begs the question, if Manchester is blue, like City fans hilariously claim, why do they not go and watch them play? Mancini put almost a full strength side out, in contrast to the 2nd XI United fans watched yesterday, yet only 21,276 would pay the £5-£15 required for a ticket.

The city is yours, the city is yours, 20,000 empty seats, are you fucking sure?