Manchester United lost out on qualification to this season’s Champions League on goal difference. With hindsight, this is probably better for the club, as it meant replacing Louis van Gaal after he failed to achieve the minimum requirement.

Still, it’s frustrating to miss out on playing in Europe’s elite competition, and even more so, when local rivals Manchester City are the ones to take that final place.

It becomes all the more irritating when you learn that City returned 2,5000 of the 3,000 tickets they were given for their qualifying game against Steaua Bucharest. The tickets only cost £11.50. This will be Pep Guardiola’s first Champions League tie yet only a few hundred fans are bothering to make the journey.

You would imagine that we will be playing in the Champions League next season again, if all goes to plan with Jose Mourinho, and you know that we will be selling out our allocations. United away tickets, to any stadium, are like gold dust.

The fact that City fans still argue that Manchester is blue, when their club has to offer ‘buy one get one free‘ ticket deals to get the fans to go to the games, and now, taking a pitiful number to a Euro away, is comical. No matter how much money they have, they’ll always be little City.