Following on from Andy Mitten’s interview, today we’ve got the thoughts of Pete Boyle on our rivalry with City, his favourite derbies and trusting the manager.

Scott the Red: Where do you think our rivalry with City ranks amongst that with Liverpool and Leeds?

Pete Boyle: Liverpool is still way out in front, with Leeds hated but rather insignificant nowadays. Perhaps if City win a few major honours they can become biggest rivals to most reds instead of just some reds.

STR: What’s your favourite ever derby day?

PB: I’ve seen us win 3-0 at Maine Road twice and of course the 5-0 at our place but probably September ’93 Maine Road.

STR: What your favourite ever derby day goal?

PB: Keane in the game just mentioned.

STR: You got any good derby day stories?

PB: Jumped up in City’s North Stand in 96 when we got a pen. Jumped on seat and went mad celebrating. I got jumped and handbags occurred. Got black eye and coppers said “what are you doing in here Peter?” The City fans were furious they knew my name. Got let into our end and we won 3-2 so black eye was worth it.

STR: Where abouts did you grow up and what was the red/blue divide like?

PB: Old Trafford and Timperley. 80/20 to United. Maybe more.

STR: Do you think City’s half empty grounds with £5 tickets this season in the FA Cup and Europe have shown people outside of Manchester that the blues have been lying about who the city belongs to?

PB: Without doubt. City have a very loyal hardcore of around 20,000 but statistics show (Ok Mike, calm down) it’s this and nothing more. They got a couple of 30,000 gates in the old Third Tier but averaged around 20,000 most years in 80s in Top 2 divisions.

STR: Which City players do you think would get in to our first XI?

PB: Yaya Toure and Tevez.

STR: Any regrets over Tevez leaving?

PB: Trust Fergie. Tevez was never as prolific for us and clearly has issues. I wish he hadn’t gone there though.

STR: Is all forgiven and forgotten where Rooney is concerned?

PB: To some but for most the juries still out.

STR: What are your predictions for the game?

PB: No comment

STR: Are we gonna win the league?

PB: No comment

STR: A superstitious type eh? Cheers mate.

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