Year after year, The Guardian writers predict any team but Manchester United will win the league, which means every year I get to write an article ripping them apart. It was most enjoyable when they believed that Luiz Scolari’s Chelsea would pip us to the title, only for him to get sacked in February when four points behind United despite playing two games more, and United going on to win the league.

2011 Guardian prediction: 1 Chelsea 2 City 3 United 4 Arsenal. Reality: 1 United 2 Chelsea 3 City 4 Arsenal
2010 Guardian prediction: 1 Liverpool 2 Chelsea 3 United 4 Arsenal. Reality: 1 Chelsea 2 United 3 Arsenal 4 Spurs
2009 Guardian prediction: 1 Chelsea 2 United 3 Liverpool 4 Arsenal. Reality: 1 United 2 Liverpool 3 Chelsea 4 Arsenal
2008 Guardian prediction: 1 Chelsea 2 United 3 Liverpool 4 Arsenal. Reality: 1 United 2 Chelsea 3 Arsenal 4 Liverpool

However, it is with great sadness that I report The Guardian writers have this year predicted we will win the title. After winning the title three times in the past four seasons and them having us down as finishing second and third every year, they have finally given up and seen sense. We’re not going away.

The superstitious amongst you may see this a kiss of death but I’d rather see this as recognition of the fact Sir Alex Ferguson has built a stronger team than anyone else. If we sign the world class midfielder that would certainly seal the deal but even without him, if you compare our current squad to everyone else’s, we’re better. We won the title by 9 points last season and have strengthened since then.

Didn’t take them long to clock on eh?

2012 Guardian prediction: 1 United 2 City 3 Chelsea 4 Liverpool

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