Manchester United may not be at the peak of their powers on the pitch. But off it, they remain arguably the biggest draw in planet football. The Red Devils have been a commercial behemoth for decades, and the sponsorship deals they receive, as a result, are integral to continued success in this area.

If you’re a big sporting organisation, it’s only natural that the most prominent names want to have some form of involvement. We have seen it in Formula One with Entain, who own the gaming brand PartyCasino, and in the UFC, with the social media platform TikTok. Manchester United are no different, with any brands worth their salt wanting to get in on the act.

In the 2021/22 campaign alone, United can call on the likes of Adidas, TeamViewer, Kohler, Cadbury, Chevrolet, DHL and Tag Heuer as partners in deals worth well into their multi-millions. But, you may wonder why the Red Devils have so many sponsors in multiple guises and why is it so crucial to the organisation?

United have always been known as a club that will spend big on transfer fees and wages. Just this season, they recruited Raphael Varane, Jadon Sancho and Cristiano Ronaldo, which is going to have cost them a pretty penny. And, with just days remaining in the winter transfer window, they could still yet dip back into the market and add to their squad.

With a lot of outgoings, you must balance the books as best as possible. And, while you can do this by moving players out of the club, deals like this aren’t guaranteed to happen, as many players may dig their heels in as they’ll undoubtedly be earning a lot of money where their salary and bonuses are concerned.

So, United uses sponsorship deals as a somewhat crucial source of revenue to remain a significant power in the transfer market. And, let’s face it, it’s not like club partners aren’t going to reap the rewards themselves. United have millions of followers across their multiple social media platforms, which means that all eyes will be on a business with a working relationship with the club.

It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement for United and those who choose to invest as partners. The club receives timely cash injections, which enable them to operate freely in the transfer market, with large budgets across all areas. And, sponsors receive the benefits of backing one of the biggest clubs in world football, such as the exposure it brings.

However, it could prove a challenge to strike up a relationship with United at present, as the club often signs off on multi-year agreements. For example, their deal with short sponsor TeamViewer, a software company from Europe, will run for the next five years. So, companies should strike while the iron’s hot when an opportunity to do so arrives.