Ahead of kick-off on Sunday a ‘Welcome to Manchester’ banner was hung from the East Stand in response to City’s poster about Carlos Tevez.

Whilst they were bragging about a striker who’d scored on just five occasions in the league last season, our banner took pride in all the trophies we’ve won.

I’ve caught up with the designer of that banner, Lisa, who’s been going to Old Trafford since the 70’s with her brother, sitting in the Stretford paddock with her legs through the red fence.

“Since seeing the poster City put up I was planning something for the Derby based around the Welcome to Manchester thing,” she said. “As they were parading Tevez like their crown jewels I thought I would parade our trophies instead.”

You might remember another one of her banners from last season, which read ‘Double Winners 2008 A Different Class’.

“I have done two previous flags that were pretty big, the last one about the double and I had that in K Stand a few times so I will definitely get another one but not until next season!” he continued. “I will bring this flag again this season but only for a really big game. The flag folds down quite small but still needed a sports bag. My brother carried it! I did have problems with the steward actually as apparently City had asked for a big flag and we turned them down so the briefing was to not wind them up with a big flag of our own. Basically my brother distracted the guy and I got a load of reds to help me unfold it and throw it over. Get in!”

A ‘Welcome to Manchester’ t-shirt is in the post.