The Mirror has also now exposed the double standards of the FA in dishing out a two match ban to Wayne Rooney for “using offensive, insulting or abusive language” whilst ignoring all the other players guilty of the same offence on a weekly basis.

Whilst everyone can agree that Rooney was wrong to swear directly in to the camera, the rule he was charged and punished for makes no mention of a camera. The FA have created their own rule to ensure that Rooney was banned for the semi-final. This obviously has nothing to do with lifelong Manchester City supporter, David Bernstein, who is the chairman of the FA.

The rule is there in black and white and the fact that Rooney is the only player to be punished in such a way for breaking it is ridiculous and yet another example of the FA dishing out harsher punishments to our players.

In just the first weekend since Rooney swore, The Mirror has listed these players as ones who was seen or heard swearing, with the number of occasions next to their name.

JOEY BARTON (Newcastle Utd) – 4 (at least)
PETER CROUCH (Tottenham) – 2
NILE RANGER (Newcastle Utd) – 2
PAT RICE (Arsenal coaching staff) – 2
MICK MCCARTHY (Wolves manager) – 1
CHARLIE ADAM (Blackpool) – 1

A spokesman told The Mirror: “The FA will not comment on individual incidents. The FA reserves the right to issue charges where appropriate and where it is able to do so retrospectively.”

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FA, United and Double Standards