Cristiano Ronaldo, the best player to ever grace a football field, is the highest goalscorer in football history. He has shattered every goalscoring that existed before him and is still going strong. From the Ballon D’or to the FIFA Best to the Puskas Award, he has won everything that a player can dream of winning and is among the most accomplished players in the history of the game. If you like playing online casino games, you can find several games at online casino india.

The 37-year-old has scored over 850 goals in his career, and almost half of them have been either matchwinners or goals to tie the game, which goes to show that he scores when his team needs him the most. Over his career, Ronaldo has scored countless goals that many players can only dream of scoring. From long-range screamers to bicycle kicks to freekicks to thumping headers, you name it, and Ronaldo would have scored it. Below, we have mentioned some of the most exciting goals scored by the Portuguese, in no particular order.

  1. That 35-yard screamer against Porto

Let’s start this list off with the goal that won him the Puskas Award; a 35-yard screamer against a club from his homeland, which ended up winning him the goal of the year. It was a goal that left many shocked; the ball came off Ronaldo’s foot and traveled like a bullet before reaching the back of the net. It was a night where Manchester United needed to score, and they scored in style with THAT Ronaldo goal.

  1. That Freekick against Arsenal

If you watch football, you must have seen the 40-yarder that Ronaldo scored against Arsenal. It was a goal that many thought was impossible to score, but when Ronaldo is behind the ball, anything is possible, and nothing is impossible. The commentators famously said, “He can’t be thinking of scoring from there”, right before the Portuguese took the shot and were left totally stunned by what followed afterward. To this day, there hasn’t been a freekick goal to match that one goal; it remains one of the most exciting goals Cristiano Ronaldo has ever scored.

  1. That Bicycle Kick against Juventus

How many times has it happened that opposition fans have applauded a player who knocked their team out of the Champions League knockout stages? Well, it happened when Ronaldo scored that wonderful goal against Juventus in the Champions League to send them home. It won’t be wrong to term that goal as the best goal scored in the Champions League during the last decade. Scoring an overhead kick from a Carvajal cross, Ronaldo slotted the ball past Gigi Buffon and got a standing ovation from the Juventus fans; a gesture that touched his heart and played a role in him moving to Juve the following season.

  1. That Copa Del Rey header against Barcelona

One of the most iconic goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo in a Real Madrid jersey did not come in La Liga or the Champions League; it was in the Copa Del Rey. Real met Barca in the final of the Copa Del Rey in a season in which they had lost 5-0 to the same team earlier. However, this time around, things were different, and Madrid played as you would expect them to. In extra time, Ronaldo rose above the Barca defense and headed home a Di Maria cross to give Real Madrid the trophy and end their Copa Del Rey drought.

  1. That Hat-Trick against Atletico Madrid

Ronaldo’s whole career is full of unbelievable comeback stories; however, this one stands out. Having lost the first leg 2-0 to Atletico Madrid, no one expected Juventus to be able to make a comeback. Nevertheless, big players are made for big moments. Ronaldo proved that he was the best footballer on the planet by netting home a hattrick in the second leg to send Atletico home and help Juventus advance.

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