Professional footballers are great examples of success. It is relatively easy to measure performances by footballers and their team in this sport, like Manchester United sports club. This is because of how highly structured the matches and tournaments are. Other than the victories accrued through game wins alone, there are also financial markers of success. These monies are gotten when teams win trophies and top leagues.

The football industry has become a game truly deserving of study. It serves as an outstanding subject for an essay, a dissertation or any other form of a research paper. To study success in any of its forms, you need a keen mind to be used for the best results. This is because the English Premier League, the home of Man United and other great clubs, is highly competitive. For those like me write my dissertation in the UK, we will discuss some of the best results. We will consider why Manchester United is among England’s most precious football teams. Knowing these secrets can help students translate them into real life and succeed. 

Defying All Odds

Due to how much a team stands to earn from broadcasting alone, the teams in the English Premier League vie for the top of the table. Even though it has not been the greatest season for Manchester United, man united history proves that they are among the most successful teams in English. Manchester United has always had a knack for the scandalous, even from its earliest days. They had their Football League debut in the year 1892. 

In less than two decades, the young club almost went bankrupt (1902). Its saving grace came in the form of a famous local brewer. Davies  J. H. Davies was quite eager to set the ball rolling on what he hoped would be a football superpower. That dream made him invest mightily into the club. One aspect of the club where a bulk of his funds were disbursed was in the development of the Old Trafford Stadium. It was completed in 1910 and was a hulking beauty to behold.

Old Trafford became known as one of the most famous arenas in the north of England and the whole country. It became a regular host to the teams playing the Football Association (FA) Cup semi-finals and final replays. Even to date, it holds that reputation. The stadium made so much money from its stadium under Davies that it earned the moniker “Moneybags United.” The League had to censure it in order to avoid a misinterpretation.

Openness to Change and Evolution

The club’s victory in both League and Cup success was a delight. They won the First Division Championship in 1908 and again in 1911. A year after that first win, in 1909, the club went on to win the FA Cup. While the war waged, the club almost became useless. It continued to get relegated to the Second Division. Yet, they failed to win anything at all. The once glorious Old Trafford Stadium was damaged by German air bomb raids in World War II. Other than the run-down stadium facility, the club was in need of reforming the football team.

Once again, the board of directors made a controversial decision. They hired a retired player who went by Matt Busby. This decision was one worth the money. He won the FA Cup almost immediately after being signed to the club in 1948. On three occasions in a few years before 1950, his team came second in the First Division Championship. Due to his ebullient wins, rebuilding the Old Trafford Stadium was made possible once again. It was completed in 1949. In 1952, Busby finally won the League.

Having such great success is why many students make the sport and the team’s success the topic of their research paper. Quite often, even professional journalists can’t help but think of how splendid an investment option, Davies made. 

Bringing New Players on Board

After their triumph in the Championship, Busby put together a team of youngsters. These sets of young players came to be known as the “Busby Babes.” It was a reflection of how young the players were. They were a team of players who were mostly in their early twenties. Not long after, when the European Cup was created, Manchester United became the first English football club to join.  


All through the article, you will notice the club’s ability to adapt to the times. They also showed the ability to think ahead. Even today, many people who are interested in achieving success look up to players like Ronaldo. He shines through as an example of what it takes to succeed. He has played in almost every major League and has left a mark. Being back in Old Trafford is a testament to the club’s impact on him. 

Students today show a lot of interest in sporting activities. Everybody who is a supporter of the club has wished to play like Cristiano Ronaldo at one time. His success and the success of the club are inspiring. Students would love to have such a bounce-back on the pitch and in class, as Davies gave Manchester United.