After being knocked out of the League Cup in 2nd Round by Brighton (League One), Manchester City were today thrashed by Nottingham Forest (Championship) in the FA Cup 3rd Round at home.

Now, I can only assume this is all a big act. We know they’re going to finish in the top four at the end of this season, with Kaka, Messi and C Ronaldo all set to set for them in the next week or so, meaning these dreadful results, coupled with their time spend in the relegation zone this season, must be them trying to fool us. It’s all a clever decoy so that we don’t seem them coming. We’ll all be too bothered about Liverpool and Chelsea to notice The Richest Team In The World (TM) sneaking in to the top four, snapping up that Champions League place.

Or could it that they are actually just shit? After years of complaining and whinging about our success, claiming it was all bought, that even with money they can’t buy success?

Wayne Bridge, who hasn’t had much of a look in at Chelsea’s first team for the past four years, finalised his deal with City this morning, ahead of his new team’s 3-0 defeat. Granted, Chelsea didn’t shower themselves in glory today, drawing at home to Southend, but at least they’re still in the bloody competition!

I wonder how many other ‘superstars’ like Bridge that Hughes will be able sign, before of course he gets sacked at the end of the season, if not before. 15 managers in 20 years.

Oh City are a massive club.