When we were first linked to Michael Owen in the summer, I laughed it off. Another bollocks transfer rumours with too many reasons for it to be impossible.

Then, when the pictures of him arriving at Carrington were all the net, we all had to face the strong possibility that the player that ranked fairly highly on our most hated list would soon be wearing our shirt. Nightmare.

Attitudes quickly changed though with Owen making all the right noises in the press. He seemed genuinely humbled to be at the club and repeatedly speaks of his respect for the manager.

The fact that he scored a winner against our hated rivals deep in to injury time didn’t harm his cause either!

Regardless, there appears to be another bogus transfer rumour circulating today and I daren’t make a big song and dance about it, just in case this one comes true too!

Sol Campbell? You have got to be kidding.

I honestly would prefer Darren Fletcher and Michael Carrick in the centre of our defence to him.

This surely has got to be a case of the press putting two and two together and getting five. Yes, we are desperately short in defence and yes, Sol Campbell is out of contract and on a free. But surely we’re not that desperate!

On the up side, Nemanja Vidic is expected back for the weekend, so only half our defence should be made up of midfielders!

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