The Sun have today published a story claiming that Wilf Zaha tweeted “Looks like I’m on my way to the top of the Premier League” on Saturday night. A screenshot of this tweet quickly did the rounds on the internet but when you looked at Zaha’s timeline, there was no such tweet.

Zaha later tweeted that he had no idea where the tweet had come from. The Sun have concluded that Zaha must have deleted the tweet.

However, anyone paying attention at the time would have seen that the image being passed around was an obvious Photoshop. For one thing, the number of Zaha’s tweets on the image were the same as on his account, which wouldn’t have been the case if he had written it and then deleted it.

The journalist who was conned by this obvious fake is Charlie Wyett. His name may ring a bell because at the beginning of the season he claimed that Robin van Persie wouldn’t even get in to double figures for United this season.

Zaha may well be on his way to Manchester United but he certainly didn’t put it on Twitter.