Of all people, the Bayern Munich chairman has stood up for United today, claiming Real Madrid’s behaviour is unacceptable and bad news for all clubs.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has claimed that Sir Alex Ferguson is not a man to be messed with, and that if he doesn’t want to sell a player, he won’t be forced in to selling anyone.

Before today, United had received little support from outside the club, particularly following FIFA’s decision to reject our complaint.

Now, at least, it appears as though the tide is turning.

“I am not worried about the case because the rules are clear and Manchester United has a very strong contract with the player for the next four years,” Rummenigge said. “Besides, I know enough about (Sir) Alex Ferguson to know that if he says no, then that means no. Anyway, this is not a question of money for Manchester United. The player and Real Madrid can say what they want, United have the last word and if they say it is not happening then that is that. Teams will always have players in their squad that see incredible offers come in for them and contracts put forward that could see them earn a lot more money than they do with your club. That is the world that we currently live in, but luckily people can still say no. No is a very good word. In fact it is one of my favourites.”

Rummenigge believes that the Real Madrid tactic of talking to the press on a daily basis is one that shouldn’t be allowed in World football, slamming the behaviour of the club. “I cannot believe that a club like Real Madrid can force a player like Cristiano Ronaldo to cause such tension, because the price that they will have to pay is too high for everyone,” he continued. “I think that this is dangerous for world football. Each club has to find its own way of dealing with things in these cases. This is a situation that only concerns Manchester United, but I would like to see Ronaldo stay at the club for the benefit of everyone.”

Manchester United, whilst doing it entirely for themselves, are fighting a World football fight at the moment. If we cave and sell the player, it means Real Madrid have won, and will continue to sign players in this way.

Whilst most big clubs in Europe could be found guilty of ‘tapping up’ in this sense, with managers in our league as much as any other stating to the media their transfer targets, nothing is comparable to the behaviour of Real Madrid. They speak to the press daily, chipping away at their final goal, hoping United weaken and the player becomes too flattered to consider rejecting them.

If United stand up to Real Madrid and keep Ronaldo, it will be a warning to the Spanish club, as well as inspiration to other clubs to do the same.

Are you bothered about United winning this battle for World football?