The Sun is today claiming that Wes Brown’s future at United is hanging by a thread after a furious row with Sir Alex in the pre-season.

The United lads went out on the piss when on the tour of the States in the summer, something the manager approved. However, when they were getting a bit rowdy on the journey home, Sir Alex told them to keep the noise down.

Wes Brown, who’s probably still a little too Longsight for his own good, piped up with “Fuck off, you cunt!” in an attempt at humour. It’s the way you could talk to one of your mates with a grin on your face. It’s not the way you talk to Sir Alex Ferguson. But what he says in jest after a few beers shouldn’t define his United career.

And this is the incident The Sun is referring to.


After that incident, the ever-accommodating Wes shied away from the press when in the States and was reluctant to give any interviews.

Does this tiff mean he will be out of the club? Well, Sir Alex wasn’t at all happy with Wes a couple of seasons back when he wouldn’t immediately sign a contract which totally undervalued him. Wes was our starting right-back that season and was being offered a worse salary than John O’Shea, which he rightly refused to sign. The manager blamed the fuss on Wes listening too much to his agent but in reality, he just isn’t a soft lad, and wasn’t going to have the piss taken out of him because he’s a ‘loyal’ player. But could the manager still be holding a grudge after this?

I have to say, I would be desperately disappointed if they couldn’t put this behind them. There’s no reason why Wes shouldn’t see out his playing days with the club. I would be gutted if he left, in January as it’s been rumoured, because he’s a proper red and plays with the dedication of a fan.

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