Manchester United beat their rivals West Ham 1-0 in the 5th Round of FA Cup. The Mancunian team had Marcus Rashford as a field forward player.

As reported by the sports website, it was already the 250th match for this footballer. It would be hardly surprising if not for the fellow’s age. On the date of the match Rashford turned 23 years and 101 days. He is a product of the Manchester United academy system, having joined the club at the age of 7. According to the official website, he made his first appearance in the first-team squad in February 2016. The same year in May, Marcus made his debut in the national team. He became the youngest player ever who scored for the England national team in their first game.

“I have always been a United fan, so to be playing in the first team really is a dream come true,” said Marcus, who has already scored 83 goals for United.

However, Rashford is not the youngest United player. Three more players in the club’s history marked 250 matches at an even younger age.

Norman Whiteside is considered to be the youngest Red devils’ player who made his appearance 250 times with the club. His age record is 22 years and 192 days. In 1982 this native of Northern Ireland marked his debut on the pitch at the age of 17 years and 41 days. He became the youngest ever football player to take part in the World Cup.

Whiteside joined the MUFC youth team in 1978. In 1982 he was already in the first team. He scored 68 goals over 7 subsequent years. In 1989 he transferred to Everton and retired three years later due to injuries.

At the time of his 250th match as part of United team, George Best was 22 years and 199 days old. He joined the club after two years of playing for the youth team. In 1963 at the age of 17, the Northern Irishman made his first appearance in the club’s first team. In 11 years Best played 470 matches and scored 179 goals against Mancunians’ opponents.

Best was the top goalscorer for five seasons. Until now he is considered to be the leading United scorer of all times among midfielders.

Ryan Giggs is also among the young record-breakers. He was 22 years and 301 days old when he played his jubilee 250th game for Manchester United. He joined the club’s first team in 1990. In 14 years he took part in 963 official matches and scored 168 goals overall.

Giggs holds the record for the most matches for the club in all tournaments. In January 2011, he was acknowledged as the greatest MUFC player ever according to the fan vote. Besides that, the Welshman is the most decorated player in British football history. He was the first to win 13 England top division championships.

In 2014 Giggs assumed the position of Manchester United’s assistant coach. Since 2018 and until now the legendary footballer is the manager of the Wales national team.