It wasn’t long in to Cristiano Ronaldo’s career at United that the chant, “there’s only one Ronaldo!” started to do the rounds. It was 2003, our Ronaldo was a skinny, spotty teenager, a bit of a one-trick pony, but had bags of potential.

The year before, Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, or, the real Ronaldo as he was known back then, had been crowned the FIFA World Player of the Year for the third time, as well as the European Player of the Year for the second time.

We sang there was only one Ronaldo because we were taking the piss but five years pass and our Ronaldo is the best player in the World and Europe, whilst the real Ronaldo, or the fat Ronaldo, was being released by AC Milan.

Now at Corinthians, it appears as though his Brazilian fans are none too happy about our six-year old ‘there’s only one Ronaldo chant’, the irony of it clearly passing them by, and have produced a t-shirt to explain why they’re not impressed.

Ooooooh touchy!