In the light of Liverpool’s crushing exit from the Champions League, it’s only fair we give our North West pals all the support they need. We should understand that leaving the competition so early in what was supposed to be ‘their year’ will be incredibly painful for them, never mind totally embarrassing. You can only imagine what they’ll be going through when forced to play the humiliating final group stage match against Fiorentina, knowing there is nothing to play for. To make matters worse, Liverpool have a debt problem to take in to account and the millions of quid they will now be missing could cause real problems. And the new stadium? Well, they can forget about that!

As Steven Gerrard said after the game though, at least now they can aim to win the Europa League, which is almost as good, if not better than the Champions League, isn’t it? Time for the black armbands methinks.

Thankfully, an end of season party has been organised to cheer those loveable scousers up. Maybe they won’t notice we’re only a few months in to the season…? Aww, bless ’em.

And the KRAP campaign continues… Keep Rafa At ‘Pool. Viva the Rafaulution!