With Gary Neville looking at the end of his career, despite making a substitute appearance against Roma last month, Manchester United are eager to find a replacement for the right back.

Porto’s Jose Bosingwa has been tipped as the favourite, with United reportedly putting in a £15 million offer for the player. Joining the likes of Ronaldo, Nani and Anderson, all speakers of Portuguese, he would certainly have an easier time fitting in at United than most other clubs outside of Portugal. Turning 26-years-old at the start of next season, he is able to bring with him the experience of a European Cup winner, as well as several league titles in Portugal.

However, thanks to third party ownership, which saw us almost miss out on Carlos Tevez last summer, it seems as though the deal might have to be put on hold, possibly permanently.

20% of the fee for Bosingwa will go to the player’s agent, Rui Neno, meaning that Porto are keen to push up the price to ensure they get a decent amount of money from the sale. The club are now asking for more than £20 million for the defender, which certainly seems steep for a full back.

If an agreement can be reached, United will likely wrap it up before he takes part in Euro 2008, representing Portugal. To comply with new Premiership regulations, United will be required to take full ownership of the player.

Do you think Bosingwa will be playing for United next season?