Vedran Corluka spent one year at Manchester City before signing for Tottenham Hostpur after claiming he wanted to move to a bigger club. City have since spent hundreds of millions on improving their squad but Corluka has pointed to City’s poor attendances to prove his point.

“I still think that,” he said. “The fans are a little bit more close to the club here than at City. I have nothing against City and I had a great time there but when I played for City, the stadium wasn’t always full, whereas here, you never see that. Here, the stadium is full even when we play friendlies, so you can see that there is more passion for the club here than there is there.”

City have repeatedly failed to sell out their ground, even with discounts available, despite their new found success this season.

In the FA Cup against Notts County and Leicester, the club were selling tickets for just £15 for adults, yet for both games there were more than 20,000 empty seats, and 22,000 empty seats in the next round against Villa.

With Stockport’s relegation to the conference, Wastelands may enjoy much larger attendances next season.

This is how it feels to be City.

This is how it feels to be City series