Mario Balotelli, who signed for Manchester City just eighteen months ago, claims he had never heard of the club when he joined them.

In an interview with Noel Gallagher, Balotelli admitted he knew absolutely nothing about the club or city, other than what he had experienced when coming to Manchester to play United in the Champions League.

NG: What I wanna know is when you first got the call about coming to Manchester City, had you heard anything about the club at all?

MB: No, nothing.

NG: Nothing at all?

MB: No.

NG: Apart from we play in blue and we were rubbish apparently.

MB: No I didn’t know nothing.

NG: Had you heard anything about the city of Manchester … apart from Man United?

MB: I came three years ago, I played in the game with United so I came here.

This is how it feels to be City series