Carlos Tevez, 10 years younger than our very own Ryan Giggs, who was named PFA Footballer of the Year the season before last, claims that he’s an old man and ready to retire.

“I have been playing many games this season, and my body is feeling it. I am tired,” he said. It’s a strange one because wanting more playing time was the reason why he left United. He wasn’t good enough to get in our starting XI yet at City, they can’t afford not to play him, so just 7 games in to the season, he’s talking about quitting football again.

With the Argentinian bordering on depression since joining the blue side of Manchester, repeatedly talking about giving up football and slagging off his manager in the press, he has even given up on his dream of returning to Argentina to play football. When at United, just over a year ago, he looked forward to years with us before settling back in Argentina.

“I would like to play four or five more years in Europe,” Tevez said in January 2008. “I would love this to happen at Manchester United and then go back to Argentina. I know I will finish my career at Boca. No doubt about it. I do not imagine myself retiring without winning one more title there.”

But after just 50 appearances for City, he’s ready to call it a day on his football career.

To cheer him up, Roberto Mancini, in all his wisdom, decided to make Tevez captain. The fact that Tevez can’t speak English, and therefore can’t communicate with his team mates or the referees, didn’t put wise ol’ Mancini off. But it didn’t do the trick.

26 years old, desperate to retire from football, with not even the captaincy enough to cheer you up? This is how it feels to be City, Carlitos.

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