News reports today have announced that Darren Fletcher’s home in Bowdon was robbed last night, with his missus and kids there, whilst Fletcher was in Italy ahead of our Champions League game with Inter Milan.

Hayley Grice, who had Fletcher’s twin sons back in 2007, had a knife held to her throat as she was forced to hand over her engagement ring.

When the robbery took place, the kids were in bed, leaving her and her mother alone downstairs to deal with the thugs.

“They are the priorities in my life now so it’s difficult to talk about coming back to Scotland because you don’t know what’s going to happen, whether your kids will be settled down in school in England or whatever,” Fletcher has said of his fiancee and kids in the past. “I love where I live. I have been there for seven years. I still regard Scotland and Mayfield as my home but I’ve started my own family down in England now. That’s what I see as home now.”