25 years ago today 56 football fans went out for the game and never returned. 265 more were sent to hospital with burns and other injuries. The majority of those who died were children or the elderly, who struggled to beat the crush to get out of the stadium.

Valley Parade, the home of Bradford City, started that day with celebration, as they had just secured promotion to Division 2.

However, just before half time, flames were noticed in the stands and they spread rapidly. Within four minutes the whole of the roof and the wood stands below had caught fire.

The cause of the fire is thought to have been the accidental dropping of a match or a cigarette stubbed out in a polystyrene cup and the resulting fire was fuelled by rubbish underneath the wooden stand.

The Archbishop of York and the Bishop of Bradford are set to hold a memorial service today in the city to remember those who lost their lives.

Our thoughts are with Bradford City today.