Manchester United beat Newcastle in the League Cup yesterday in front of a crowd of just 46,358. The League Cup is the last priority for United, so it’s no surprise there’s less interest, but couldn’t the Glazers be doing more to allow more fans to go to the game?

Arsenal charged £10 for adults for their League Cup game this week (£20 in the upper tier), City charged £22.50 and Chelsea charged £25.

Our cheapest ticket last night was £30, our most expensive was £52, and the average price was £40. The vast majority of the players selected were those on the fringe of the first team or from the Reserves. To charge these kind of prices for that is ridiculous. When you add to that the fact other clubs, particularly those that usually charge huge amounts like Arsenal and Chelsea, have such reduced prices, it just shows how badly the Glazers are taking the piss out of the fans.

46,358 x £40 = £1.85m.

75,800 x £25 = £1.9m.

When you compare our League Cup ticket prices with City, not just the adult prices, but the other tickets, it gets worse. Kids at City are charged just £5 (as they were at the Emirates) whilst kids at United are charged £12, which works out at an increase of 140%. For 16 to 21-year-olds, there’s a difference of almost 50%, with their £15 to our £22.

If there are young kids kicking about in Manchester who don’t have a football allegiance and fancy going to a game, which club do you think they’re going to pay to watch?

As it stands, we don’t have much to worry about. Even with their much cheaper tickets, City’s attendance was just 28,015 for their game against Aston Villa, but who knows what the future holds if the Glazers continue to bleed fans dry.