Cristiano Ronaldo goal LiverpoolIn this past week, I had a lot to say in regards to the Daily Mail article criticising Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is a player United fans have felt very protective over since the World Cup 2006 and don’t respond kindly to him being slated. This season, you would think it was impossible to criticise him, following is extraordinary goalscoring record. However, it was claimed this week that his goals were apparently just an “illusion of grandeur” and he was not as good as everybody said he was.

For those of you who didn’t catch the Daily Mail’s write up on Ronaldo, I’ll post it in full here:

Last night, Hatchet Man watched the champions – but not THE champion. Manchester United may have cruised to a 2-0 victory over woeful Bolton with two goals from that lad Cristiano Ronaldo, but I couldn’t help but wondering if the Portugal star is being lauded a little too much.

“The Master,” cooed Keysey, Jamie and Wilko in the Sky studio. “Is there a finer footballer in the world?” they asked and answered in the negative.

Excuse me, but I beg to differ. It’s all well and good showing up the plodders of the Premier League, as Ronny did against Bolton, but – if we’re honest, Old Mother Hatchet could do that to them. (Could just anyone score a freekick of the quality Ronaldo scored against Bolton? I’d like Hatchet man to name three players in this league who could!)

Hatchet Man remains to be convinced that Ronaldo can do it against the best. (Apart from the two goals he scored against Arsenal in our 4-2 victory at Highbury 4 days after his 20th birthday, the goals in the FA and League Cup finals, his goals in the European Cup quarter final, his goal in the European Cup semi-final the year Meelan won the competition, the goal and assist he got against Arsenal this season, as well as currently being the highest scorer in this season’s Champions League)

And on Sunday – it’s a Grand Slam one, if you hadn’t noticed – Ronaldo has the chance to strut his stuff against last season’s Champions League finalists Liverpool. That will be the real test. Not Bolton, not against Reading, Villa or Newcastle.

The 23-year-old has scored 24 league goals in as many Premier League starts this season, which by everyone else’s standards is very impressive. But not by Hatchet Man’s. (Scoring 24 league goals in 24 league starts is not impressive by Hatchet Man’s standards? Does Hatchet Man know anything about football? Can Hatchet Man name another winger who has scored 24 goals in 24 starts?)

Ronaldo has scored only once against “Big Four” opposition this term – against Arsenal, and United have put six past the Gunners this season. (Hatchet Man doesn’t know anything about football. Ronaldo has played in one game against Arsenal this season, and has scored 1 assisted 1. He wasn’t even on the bench for the 4-0 FA Cup game. Moron.)

Sunday is a big day for the title race and it’s a huge one for Ronaldo’s illusions of grandeur.

Last night he scored a scuffer and another befuddling free-kick, although Al-Habsi was beaten by a strike travelling at less than 60mph. Jussi would have saved that, I reckon. Bag a tap-in against your big north-west rivals on Easter Sunday, Crissy, and I’ll eat my words.

I bet that I won’t have to. (I hope Hatchet Man bet his life savings on it!)

Is there any better feeling than having the last laugh? 🙂