Whilst Chelsea are on the brink of winning the first double in the club’s history, John Terry concedes that even the feeling of making a mark in their history won’t make up for the pain of missing the penalty that cost his team the European Cup.

“Nothing will ever make up for Moscow unless we go and win the Champions League in my lifetime,” Terry said, wiping away the tears and clutching to his packet of Kleenex. “That’s a fact. But we have got a chance to go down in the club’s history, the double has never been done before at this club and we have a great chance to do it.”

However we may feel about missing out on the title by one point this season, Terry reminds us of what we should be grateful for. There’s no way we would swap the league and European Cup double of two years ago for what Chelsea may achieve this season, so let’s get a bit of perspective.

Chelsea have now won as many league titles as Sheffield Wednesday and Newcastle United, with this season now officially making them a more successful club than Hudderfield Town.