For the 374th time, Jose Mourinho has claimed he fancies the United job, although this time recognises that he might not be our choice of manager.

“I would consider going to Manchester United but United have to consider if their want me to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson,” said Mourinho. “If they do, then of course. I like England where the fans are very passionate and make a game a beautiful occasion with an incredible atmosphere.”

A man who thinks Ibrahimovic is better than Ronaldo? A man who sells off all exciting flair players and replaces them with sturdy central midfielders? A man who never brings through young players? A man who wouldn’t know what attacking football was if it rammed the ball down his throat?

No ta.

David Gill confirmed today that Ferguson’s replacement “will have to give youth its chance and play exciting Manchester United-style football – that’s not negotiable.” Great news.