Here we go again. The circle of potential managerial change is once again upon us. Ten Hag’s career in United hasn’t been great, but it hasn’t been so terrible. Since the start of the new year our results have been great. We were winning, showing a bit of character when needed. Then came the Fulham game on the 24th of February, and the shocking defeat that came in the 97th minute. What came afterwards was the City game and we’ve seen how that turned out – 3-1 loss to our neighbor rivals. And let’s not go back to the start of the season, it still feels sour. When our hopes were really up and the 4th position seemed like reality, bad and unlucky circumstances started to pile on Ten Hag’s future.

The fanbase has been divided already – some are backing our managers, while others are rooting for a change. Well, let’s go through Pro’s and Con’s of Ten Hag‘s possible departure with INEOS emerging as the deciding factor about his future.

Ten Hag Stays

The everlasting of sacking managers after 2-3 seasons will and must be broken. We’ve seen how the Glazers panic with their managers appointments, sackings, transfers and overall management of the club. The good news is INEOS is now in the picture. With the new structure that INEOS is setting, we can see the full potential of our manager, only and only if they decide to keep him. We’ve heard speculations that they are done with Ten Hag, and hopefully that is not true. Also, they want Pother to be his replacements, which feels like a big downgrade compared to the dutchman.

Giving Ten Hag chance means:

  • Full cleaning up with the squad. Those who want to play by his rules and tactics stay, and those whose egos are bigger than the club and manager need to leave.
  • Backing him on the Transfer market. Imagine getting players that are top on Ten Hag’s list. No more fourth or fifth choices, something that Ole’s recent interview shed some light.
  • Investment in training, coaching and supporting staff and facilities. Imagine if all players get the maximum conditions for a top club. Glazers have been slacking off for that in the last 10 or more years.

These are just a couple of thoughts regarding if INEOS decide to stay.

Ten Hag Leaves

The circle will continue, but is it the last run? Well, again our new co-owners might have different plans for the club. They already stated they want to get the best players to play for United. Maybe they can get the best manager for the team? Well, as mentioned before Graham is on the list – he is not the best by far. However, their approach might bring more stability in the transfer market with a better suited manager leading the charge. Ten Hag did approve of the signing of Antony, and we’ve seen what the 100 million investment turned out to be. Maybe with a manager who has a better eye for players we wouldn’t have spent a fortune for a potential flop.

Changing the manager means:

  • Current players might give more to the new manager. We’ve seen that with the sacking of Jose and Ole’s 1st couple of games. New manager means new opportunities for players to get 1st team actions. 
  • More tactical and strong character managerial type. We do not really know if Ten Hag is a strong character behind the doors. However, we’ve seen some of his tactics not really working out this season. Maybe a manager who’s got that edge might produce better results for us.
  • Established managers might attract top talent? If someone is a top class manager, they will surely attract more talent than the dutchman. Even though Ten Hag did produce great results in Ajax, his name is not attracting emerging talent like Pep and Ancelotti does. Maybe that is the missing link to success?

Our answer is…

Ten Hag should stay, at least one more season. The odds are 50/50 for him staying or going in a perfect world. On the other hand, a collection of these sites that gives odds for the future of Manchester United’s manager is now leaning for Ten Hag to leave. When all odds are against his favor, I think he will emerge as a winner. Many compare it to Sir Alex’s 2nd season when he was close to sacking, and I got the feeling that we have the same in Ten Hag. The circle must be broken with Ten Hag. Trust in his process and vision.