I write this before leaving for the pub on a glorious Mancunian day. Blue skies, the sun is shining…and I feel sick.

A whole season’s work comes down to today. All the goals and saves and tackles and passes and fouls come down to this one day. Everything that has gone before, right back to August 12th on the opening day against Reading, is decided by our result against Wigan today.

As it was pointed out to me yesterday, if we were playing Wigan in the European Cup final today, we’d have 100% faith we’d do it. Granted, the stage for the European Cup final wouldn’t also be a rugby league ground, but go with me here. This is Wigan, the side we’ve always beaten, usually 4-0, and for all their huffing and puffing, we have a better side than them and we want the win more than them.

Sir Alex Ferguson put the situation nicely in a press conference yesterday, saying, “I trust my players and I will let them get on with it. Their form this year has been terrific, they’ve played some fantastic football. They’ve excelled, they’ve done everything I could possibly ask from a squad. If we win our game, that’s it.”

That’s what it comes down to, trusting them to deliver. When our first team is out there on the pitch, we can trust them to do their job properly. We’ve got experience of winning a title, one player with nine titles, others with just the one, so we have that taste for glory. Our lads know the great satisfaction that comes with lifting that trophy and there can’t be any greater inspiration for victory than that.

So come on United, do the business today, and get us that 17th league title!