It was a disappointing result on Owen Hargreaves’ début for Manchester United but his performance was top-notch. Not since Roy Keane had we seen a player boss the game as effectively as he did but unfortunately a deflected goal and missed sitters meant we were the losing team that day.

Whilst his performances remained at a high standard, it’s hard to feel as though we’ve really seen the best of him yet, with injuries cutting in to his playing time.

When fit, I think we have more or less got the complete team. I would love to see him starting every week in the centre of our midfield, driving the team forward and giving us that extra bit of grit we were missing on too many occasions last season.

However, after operations to both his knees, we had to accept the possibility that we’d never see him play at that high standard for us again, if at all. He’s the player we’ve been crying out for and it was gutting to contemplate the thought of not getting years of football out of him. There was talk of him not seeing any football in 2009 which put big doubts over whether he’d ever come back.

Good news yesterday though – Fergie reckons Hargreaves will be ready by September!

“I think we are looking at the end of September depending on how he reacts,” said Ferguson. “We are happy with his rehabilitation so far and while he won’t be ready to play in Munich, he will be able to train.”

Too good to be true?