Fernando Torres has revealed that beating Manchester United means everything to the Liverpool fans, with them regularly reminding him how important it is to get a result in the days leading up to the match, particularly given Liverpool’s failings over the past couple of decades.

In the 20 seasons that have gone by since Liverpool’s last title win, United have won the league an impressive 11 times. Also, going head to head, United have a more impressive record. The all time league game tally currently stands at 59 wins for United and 52 for Liverpool (69 vs 60 in all competitions) and in our past 12 meetings, United have won 8 and drawn 1.

“It means everything to them,” said Torres. “We are the two most successful teams in England but it has not been nice for the Liverpool fans to watch Manchester United have so much success over the recent years. We have a great squad and a great manager, and we really hope to give the fans a trophy this season, as well as beating Manchester United for them. I walk my dogs round the city, and before matches like Manchester United the fans will tell you good luck and things like that. It’s clear how much the Manchester United games means to them.”

Darren Fletcher has revealed that he can’t wait for the weekend, with Liverpool one of the first games he looks for on the fixture list.

“That’s a massive game,” said Fletch. “Liverpool is a big derby game for Man Utd, obviously, because of the history between the two clubs. It’s one of the games in the fixture list you look for and I’m really looking forward to it.”