Zoran Tosic, our new number 14, joined us in January, bringing with him our high expectations for the future. A freekick specialist and Serbian international, we’re hoping for big things from him.

Ferguson has today revealed that Tosic may feature before the end of the season, one he’s toughened up, but is quick to play down any comparison with The Best Player in the World (TM).

“It is possible he could play,” said Ferguson. “The physical part is pertinent, because the Premier League is competitive and tough. There is no getting round that fact. “But given normal progress, he could be involved. It is a great option for us to have someone with a natural left foot in our team.”

He then spoken of any comparisons made between The Best Player in the World (TM) and Tosic but was quick to take the massive expectation off the Serbian’s shoulders.

“We would like everyone to turn out like Cristiano,” Ferguson added. “There is a difference – because Ronaldo had this fantastic dribbling ability, whereas Zoran is more straightforward. But the point is we are planning for the future – and the challenge any young player should set himself, no matter which club he is with, is to get to the very top. We are all proud of Cristiano achieving the status he has. But it is a two-way street. The player must have the personal ambition, the desire and drive to succeed. But he also owes a lot to Manchester United for nurturing and encouraging him in the proper way at the right times.”

Tosic, who was unveiled as a United player at a press conference today, is made up to be here and has spoken about how he’s been settling in.

“I’ve followed the club for years so it’s a great feeling,” he said. “All I’m thinking about now is training well so I’m ready to play for this great club. We all know what sort of team we are talking about and what kind of players we are talking about. It’s up to me to train well and prove myself, and try to get into the team as quickly as possible. I know how much I can offer. When I’m ready to play, and when I’m chosen to play, I don’t feel I need to change many things. But it’s up to others to decide when I’m ready.”

Tosic has also described the differences having Nemanja Vidic, a fellow Serb, has made to his start with the club.

“He’s made things a lot easier,” Tosic added. “He’s helping me tremendously on and off the field – it’s great that I’ve already got someone here. It’s a completely different scenario to when Nemanja first joined and was completely on his own. Besides Nemanja, the rest of the lads have been absolutely amazing. They have made me very welcome and are helping me every day.”

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