Daniel Levy, a man I’d never paid much attention to before, popped up on United’s radar this summer, amidst our battle for Dimitar Berbatov.

The day after comments attributed to Sir Alex Ferguson appeared in The Sun, with our manager naming Berbatov by name as a target he thought was more or less wrapped up, Daniel Levy exploded.

When Fergie laughed off the claims, saying he’d never given such an interview and mocking Levy for taking the word of a tabloid as gospel, Spurs claimed they had far more evidence than these remarks to get United done for tapping up.

However, when they came in front of the Premier League with their complaint, the Premier League sent them away, needing more evidence to punish United. So, either Spurs left their most damning evidence at home that day, or, they didn’t have the evidence they claimed to.

Well, Spurs buckled in the end, selling Berbatov to United for less than City offered, yet Levy hasn’t redeemed himself as any more likeable than he showed himself to be in the summer.

After disgracefully getting rid of Martin Jol, scouting out the replacement behind his back, Spurs lured Juande Ramos to the club. Sevilla made it quite clear they didn’t want Ramos to leave, but Spurs pursued him any way (something Levy criticised United for doing in regards to Berbatov).

Almost a year later to the day though, Levy got rid of Ramos, after an absolutely woeful start to the season. But does he have the balls to accept any of the decisions he made, as Chairman of the club? Hell no. He blames the sale of Berbatov on Ramos, claiming Spurs would have kept the player if not for Ramos’ opinion that he should be sold.

“There has never been a player signed or sold by the club that the coach has not supported and it was the coach who decided to let Dimitar go, even though we didn’t have a replacement,” said Levy. “We would have kept Berbatov even though he wanted to leave. But Juande managed the team and his advice was that he didn’t want a player that didn’t want to be in his squad. He thought it would be detrimental to the team as a whole. I backed his advice.”

Fortunately for us, we got the better of this slimy toad, and Berbatov is hitting superb form for United. His touch is just brilliant and whilst his more relaxed style was unusual at first, it seems we’re getting used to it now. His assist for Ronaldo on Wednesday was just out of this World and I’m genuinely excited to see what more is to come from him, whilst regretful of the two years we’ve missed out on already.