I’ll confess, I am not fluent in several languages, particularly not Portuguese, so I have to rely on the tools of the internet to understand the comments our foreign players give.

Reports have emerged over the past couple of days which claim that Anderson is dreaming of one day playing for Jose Mourinho’s Inter. Truth or fabrication?

Sadly, it would appear to be truth. When translating the story as published in Brazilian reports, Abril and O Globo, amongst others, different sections of Anderson’s statement are reported. However, one glaring similarity is the mention of Mourinho and Inter Milan, when asked whether he was planning on renewing his contract in 2012 when it expires.

“Assim como Cristiano Ronaldo sonha em vestir a camisa do Real Madrid, também sonho em atuar no futebol da Itália. Não falo isso por respeito ao clube com o qual tenho contrato. Mas qualquer profissional tem sua preferência ao fim de qualquer compromisso.”

“Just like Cristiano Ronaldo dreams of wearing the shirt of Real Madrid, I also dream of playing football in Italy. I will not speak disrespectfully of the club with which I have contract. But any professional at the end of their contract has the right to look elsewhere.”

“Estou a pensar em jogar em Itália. O futebol italiano é o melhor do mundo e o mais inteligente. Todos os jogadores sonham jogar na Serie A, porque os italianos são os mestres do futebol. Gosto muito do Inter. Sempre gostei, desde que Ronaldo jogou lá. Não escondo que, no futuro, adoraria jogar no Inter de Mourinho. O meu sonho é ser treinado por ele.”

“I am thinking about playing in Italy. The Italian soccer is optimum of the most intelligent World. All the players dream to play in the Serie A, because the Italians are the masters of the soccer. I always liked Inter, since that Ronaldo played there. I do not hide that, in the future, I would adore to play in the Inter of Mourinho. My dream is to be trained by him.”

Of course, there is the possibility that all these quotes from Anderson originate from Tuttosport, who have for whatever reason massively misquoted him or fabricated the story entirely. However, these quotes rule out the idea that a poor translation of what he said has been reported in this country. With these reports emerging from Brazil, showing what Anderson supposedly said in the original Portuguese, it’s looking fairly like our player has said what we feared he had.