Sir Alex Ferguson has been fined €10,000 for refusing to speak to the media following Manchester United’s unjust exit from the Champions League.

Last month UEFA fined Inter Milan €15,000 after their fans racially abused Mario Balotelli. Last year, Manchester City were fined more by UEFA for coming out late for the second half than Porto were for their fans racially abusing Balotelli in that game. The largest fine they’ve dished out in recent years was to Nicklas Bendtner when he flashed his Paddy Power underpants, which cost him €100,000.

Earlier this week Robin van Persie labelled UEFA “cowardly” for supporting Cuneyt Cakir’s incorrect decision to send Nani off in the game, despite the decision contradicting the Laws of the game, and this is further evidence to Van Persie’s claim. Why are they so afraid of tackling racism? The crimes of Ferguson and Inter Milan are miles apart, yet the punishments are comparable, which is ridiculous.

Nani has been banned for one game for the incorrect red card.