Manchester United’s unbeaten run started on April 4th 2010: Bayern Munich 3-2, Blackburn 0-0, City 1-0, Spurs 3-1, Sunderland 1-0, Stoke 4-0, Chelsea 3-1, Newcastle 3-0, Fulham 2-2, West Ham 3-0, Everton 3-3, Rangers 0-0, Liverpool 3-2, Scunthorpe 5-2, Bolton 2-2, Valencia 1-0, Sunderland 0-0, West Brom 2-2, Bursapsor 1-0, Stoke 2-1, Wolves 3-2, Spurs, 2-0, Bursaspor 3-0, Wolves 2-1, City 0-0, Villa 2-2, Wigan 2-0.

GP27 W19 D8

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