Gone are the days when many Manchester United fans hope for a home draw in the cups. With it essential for season ticket holders to purchase Champions League and FA Cup tickets, it’s nice not to get rinsed for another £40 for a cup game. If you want to stand a chance of going to aways, you also have to purchase League Cup tickets, meaning by the end of the season, you can spend a few hundred quid on top of the basic season ticket price, particularly given how far United tend to go in cup competitions.

So United face Scunthorpe in the League Cup, away from home and I’m pretty chuffed. This lot just escaped relegation from the Championship last season, finishing in 20th, and this season have lost two of their three games so far.

The only downside is their ground only holds 9000 fans, meaning there is going to be much of a red presence come match day.

All in all, a good draw for us. Here are the rest:

Brentford v Everton
Portsmouth v Leicester
Stoke v Fulham
Chelsea v Newcastle
Aston Villa v Blackburn
Tottenham v Arsenal
Millwall v Ipswich
Wolves v Notts County
Burnley v Bolton
Birmingham v MK Dons
Liverpool v Northampton Town
West Brom v Man City
Sunderland v West Ham
Peterborough v Swansea
Wigan v Preston