3rd place
To the tune of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – by Jamie Buckton

Man United’s 31,
His hair is fucking crazy,
We have heard he loves the soaps,
His favourite Roy and Hayley,

2nd place
To the tune of Oh Dear! What can the matter be – by Scott Rowe

José what can the Mata be,
Juan’s gone and Wayne’s where he wants to be,
With Giggs, Adnan, Carrick and RVP,
You’re not the special one

Pete’s comment: “The song choice is obvious, but the lyrics are brilliant. It’s probably too hard to get going en masse, but a great and original idea, and it just about works.”

1st place
To the tune of Israelites – by @soultwinjeff & @stuartparish

Playing in the middle with Shinji the Red,
A little turn and they leave you for dead,
Ohhhhh Ohhhhh…Shinji and Mike,

When they on the ball they pass it with ease,
One is a Geordie and one’s Japanese,
Ohhhhh Ohhhhh…Shinji and Mike

Pete’s comment: For getting two players in, and being original and funny.

All four will be invited to sing with Pete and feature their songs on the next CD (recording August 2014.)

There will be another competition in the summer after any signings are made to provide another chance to have your song featured on Pete’s next CD.