Whilst other clubs are reducing or freezing their ticket prices for next season, Manchester United have confirmed the prices will be going up.

According to the Evening News, the rises are expected to be £1 per ticket, meaning the cheapest ticket for a league game will be £26 whilst the most expensive will be £48. Whilst I’d argue those prices aren’t too bad, given that at City you can pay £44, West Ham £63, Chelsea £65, £75 at Spurs, and £94 at Arsenal for a single league match ticket, the decisions to raise the prices is not reflective of what other teams in the Premiership are doing.

“We are still on average turning away nearly 5,000 people per game, and more for bigger games like City, Arsenal and Liverpool, and we believe it represents good value for money,” said a club spokesperson today.

Translation: If you won’t pay it, there are 5,000 other people who will, so like, or lump it, but the prices are going up and your seat will be filled!