Manchester United are desperate for season ticket holders to renew their season tickets early, offering a scarf that resembles the ones you can buy for a fiver on Warwick Road for those who pay for next season today.

The club has sent two e-mails this week reminding fans, sent a letter last week, and have sent three texts in the past three weeks.

The deadline has been extended until June 1st, with the previous deadline falling the day before the FA Cup final.

Lots of our fans aren’t going to be swayed by a free scarf though, preferring to make the club sweat a litle. Until the future of the manager has been confirmed, some supporters are holding fire when it comes to parting with £532-£950 for their season ticket.

By June, the club should have confirmed one way or another whether Louis van Gaal is staying or whether he’s being replaced, by Jose Mourinho or anyone else, and our fans may feel happier to spend the cash. Following the boring games we’ve endured this season, it would be good to get clarification on whether we can expect more of the same before renewing.