The Daily Mail today claimed that Manchester United would again disrespect dead soldiers as they were continuing to refuse to ‘wear the poppy with pride’.

I, like many people, wear a poppy around this time of year, and agree it’s a respectful thing to do.

But this tireless bullying from The Daily Mail to have the poppy stitched in to the shirt is utterly pathetic.

Last season, when we were one of two clubs to opt out of wearing the poppy, an official club spokesperson responded after the newspaper condemned us.

“We are very proud of the work we do with the armed forces and we do not feel a poppy on the shirt would add to our contribution,” said a United spokesperson. “Our staff and officials will be wearing them as usual and we are confident we are doing the right thing.”

Some papers stood up for us too, with The Mirror writing on article on why our treatment for six wounded British soldiers meant more than any poppy display, as evidence that the club wasn’t hearless.

As it happens, this season, the club will be wearing the poppies on their shirt. They insist it’s nothing to do with TDM but it certainly is easier just to go along with it all for a quiet life.