In 1990, following the supposed need for all stadiums to become all-seater, Old Trafford’s capacity dropped to just 44,000. Five years later work began on the North Stand, turning in to three tier stand, which allowed for about 55,000 match-goers. Five years later work was completed on the East Stand, taking capacity to 61,000, before the second tier was added to the Stretford End, giving us a 68,217. The most recent development was the quadrants, filling in the corners between the North Stand and the East/West stands. This was completed in 2007 which took us to our current capacity of 76,212.

For years there has been talk of building up the South Stand although the trainline that runs behind this stand has delayed the work being started. Christ, we’re the biggest team in the World, can’t be move the sodding trainline?

Reports today suggest United are pushing through work which will see Old Trafford’s capacity grown to a massive 95,000, which would fit in 5,000 more than the national Wembley stadium.

“There is a strategic plan for the stadium,” said United’s group property manager George Johnstone. “Look at the changes there have been at Old Trafford over the last 10 years. We’d like to think there will be more changes. It is not our intention to stand still.”